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At Cabot Wealth Management, our goal is to preserve and build your wealth while delivering the best client experience possible. We help clients gain control of knowledge, skills and resources to better manage resources and respond to change. Through an array of resources and tools available to Cabot clients, it is easier than ever to understand and stay up to date with your assets and investments. We provide the following resources and tools as part of our wealth management services:

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Our blog provides financial and investment guidance to individuals, families, business owners and non-profit organizations.

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Read Cabot's quarterly newsletter for current articles related to investment management, estate and tax planning, financial education,    community involvement and more.


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The professionals at Cabot Wealth Management frequently appear in print, online, and on television to share investment tips, the impact of the economy on markets, financial planning advice, and more. To help investors understand the state of the market, we have compiled a selection of investment media clips, investment articles, and newspaper/magazine articles, that outline what is happening in politics, technology, the world economy, and the business sphere in videos and articles.

Author - Robert T. Lutts

Cabot Wealth Management's founder and president has written his first book titled, Winding the Stem (Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Wealth Creation ). The book aims to give advice and know-how to the novice investor. It is for anybody interested in business or investing. The term "stemwinder" comes from the knob you use to wind a watch or a toy. Rob uses it for someone who comes to work each day and rewinds the spring of the business with new and exciting ideas to take advantage of new opportunities. 

Education Center

Our Education Center is your place for tons of great content full of videos, articles, infographics, and quizzes available for you to learn from.