The Importance of Holistic Wealth Management

January 16, 2020

As a wealth manager for many of our high-net-worth clients, we offer services that extend well beyond the scope of investment manager. This may often include assisting you with the important job of minimizing federal, state and estate taxes. This can only be accomplished with a full review of your goals and all your assets and investments. Additionally, we assist many clients with the important job of transitioning wealth to the next generation in a sensible, thoughtful manner that is sensitive to specific family issues.

For business owners, we often act as an adviser to help develop a successful succession plan that both optimizes the owner’s wealth creation and insures a successful transition to a new ownership team. This task, when done well, can be highly effective; however, when it is not done well, it can be quite harmful to a family’s health and dynamics.

Being an advocate for you and your family’s financial and family goals is the cornerstone and goal of all our work. Clear and effective communication is at the center of any successful family estate transition plan. This often takes years to develop. However, when done well, it can be a powerful process which strengthens family dynamics. The key point here is that for our high‑net‑worth clients, Cabot often acts in a capacity far beyond the role of Asset Manager. 

Cabot Shield with description of services: Globally-Diversified Investment Management, Tax Planning, Business Transitions (Succession Plan) and Family & Estate Transition Planning