President's Message

October 15, 2019

Dear Friends,

The one constant of financial markets is change. Economic, political, technological, regulatory, environmental, and psychological changes are key basic laws of markets. There are forces in our system that are moving these factors in a positive and negative manner each and every day. The only constant fact is the realization that things are changing. Determining how positive or negative these changes really are to markets is a real challenge. We often misunderstand the impact of these changes once they are realized. Thus, it becomes critical that we have a set of Core Values which help guide us through these uncertain periods. Here are Cabot’s Core Values in managing the assets of our clients:

  1. We believe in the innovation and growth and progress of the capitalistic system in the USA. Our markets work better than any others in the world and we have some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world in our economy.
  2. To best serve our clients we believe in using low-cost investment vehicles and tax-efficient investment strategies. This allows maximum impact for your investment results. We continue to work to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of our investment strategies.
  3. We do not sell investment products to our clients. We work to find the best ways to manage your assets to achieve your family goals with optimum efficiency. To accomplish this, we favor long-term investment strategies.
  4. We believe in the key tenant of wealth management, namely diversification among investment sectors and among asset classes like stocks, bonds, real estate and alternatives like gold. Spreading your assets across multiple asset classes allows reduced volatility and can enhance returns in a volatile environment.

Amid all the rises and falls of markets on a daily basis, we believe the core values above will allow us to chart a favorable course for your investments. The future is always uncertain; however, we believe both 2019 and 2020 will be periods of progress for our economy.

Thank you for the continued confidence to watch over your family’s finances.

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