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Youth Financial Literacy

Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders Today.

At Cabot, we are making it our mission to improve financial literacy.

In an effort to support financial education in our community, we have donated hundreds of age-appropriate books to youth teaching the importance of financial literacy. The books touch on a variety of financial topics, lessons, and values, providing children and young adults the know-how to make wise financial choices. Additionally, Cabot has been a proud sponsor of the “Reality Check” program at Salem High School for the past few years. This event gives students a crash course when it comes to real life budgeting. Volunteers within the community help students visit multiple stations where they make lifestyle decisions from a mock salary and expenses. The goal is to pay monthly expenses while being able to set aside a certain amount of savings and stay within a budget.

While our team has taken steps to promote financial literacy, we agree more must be done. There’s no doubt it will take leaders throughout our community to make sure the next generation can manage their personal finances. The youth in our community count. Let’s help them succeed.

Click here for our "Pay It Forward" Program to receive a free book to donate to a child of your choice and support financial literacy.