Author - Robert T. Lutts

1.   WINDING THE STEM (Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Wealth Creation)

Cabot Wealth Management's founder and president has written his first book titled, Winding the Stem (Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Wealth Creation ). The book aims to give advice and know-how to the novice investor. It is for anybody interested in business or investing. The term "stemwinder" comes from the knob you use to wind a watch or a toy. Rob uses it for someone who comes to work each day and rewinds the spring of the business with new and exciting ideas to take advantage of new opportunities. 

Key highlights in the book include:

  • How investment cycles differ from company growth cycles
  • The nine key criteria for successful growth companies
  • Understanding the importance of strong balance sheets
  • How to understand and think about business models
  • How to manage risk properly in developing an investment portfolio
  • How to determine if your company is led by a "Stemwinder"
  • Where to look to identify leading industries and companies
  • Ways to evaluate how well management is running "your" company