Our "Pay it Forward" Program

Be a champion to a child in your community by supporting financial literacy.

To help you, Cabot Wealth Management has donating hundreds of age-appropriate books designed to foster awareness and education around a range of financial topics.

The children in our community count. Let’s help them succeed.

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Contact us with your mailing information at 800-888-6468 or email us at: info@ecabot.com and we will send you your free book for the child of your choice.

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     1.  The Berenstain Bears' Dollars and Sense


Brother and Sister Bear know some things about money. They know that money can be used to buy things like baseball cards, ice cream, candy, and balloons. What they don't know is how to manage their allowances. Then Mama comes up with a terrific idea to help them learn the value of money and how to save it -- a checkbook! A series of tear-out checks is included in the book so that kids can use them at home just like the cubs do in Bear Country. Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Age Range: 3-7 years | Grade Level: Preschool - 2

Price: $0.00

      2. The Berenstain Bears' Trouble With Money

Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. Mama and Papa are worried that Brother and Sister seem to think money grows on trees. To make money of their own, the cubs decide to start their very own businesses, from a lemonade stand to a pet-walking service. This beloved story is a perfect way to teach children about the importance of being responsible with money. Includes over 50 bonus stickers! Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Age Range: 3-7 years | Grade Level: Preschool - 2

Price: $0.00

     3. The Lemonade War

For a full hour, he poured lemonade. The world is a thirsty place, he thought as he nearly emptied his fourth pitcher of the day. And I am the Lemonade King. Fourth-grader Evan Treski is people-smart. He’s good at talking with people, even grownups. His younger sister, Jessie, on the other hand, is math-smart, but not especially good with people. So when the siblings’ lemonade stand war begins, there really is no telling who will win—or even if their fight will ever end. Brimming with savvy marketing tips for making money at any business, definitions of business terms, charts, diagrams, and even math problems, this fresh, funny, emotionally charged novel subtly explores how arguments can escalate beyond anyone’s intent. Written by Jaqueline Davies

Age Range: 7-10 years | Grade Level: 2-5

Price: $0.00

     4. Show Me the Money: Big Questions about Finance

Money makes the world go round, but how well do children understand finances? Show Me the Money breaks the mold of the school textbook and introduces young readers to the world of economics — from the history of money to e-commerce. Divided into sections that focus on economics, business, personal finance, and the history of trade, Show Me the Money takes technical jargon and breaks it down with easy-to-understand text, diagrams, and illustrations making a formerly dry subject interesting and relevant. Topical questions of ethics are addressed throughout, including free trade, fair trade, debt in the developing world, and the impact of business on the environment. Written by Alvin Hall

Age Range: 8-12 years | Grade Level: 3-7

Price: $0.00

     5.  Making Money Work: The Teen's Guide to Saving, Investing and Building Wealth

A penny saved is a penny earned we’ve all heard that old saying before. But savvy savers turn their pennies into dollars and even more. Learn about the various ways to save and how socking away a little money over time can vastly improve your life in the long run. Written by Kara McGuire

Age Range: 12 and up | Grade Level: 7 and up

Price: $0.00

     6.  The 5 Money Conversations to Have with Your Kids at Every Age and Stage

The 5 Money Conversations to Have with Your Kids at Every Age and Stage offers practical advice for dealing with three age groups (5–12, 13–17, and 18 and beyond). It is the parenting "how to" book you don't want to live without. Conquer the 5 toughest money conversations to have with your kids. Discover your kids' Money Personalities by taking the age-based Money Personalities Assessment. Learn their Money Languages so you can be heard. Written by Scott & Bethany Palmer


Price: $0.00