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Cabot Media Clips and Investment Articles

The professionals at Cabot Wealth Management frequently appear in print, online, and on television to share investment tips, the impact of the economy on markets, financial planning advice, and more. To help investors understand the state of the market, we have compiled a selection of investment media clips and investment articles that outline what is happening in politics, technology, the world economy, and the business sphere in videos and articles.

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Rob Lutts quoted in the "Wall Street Journal"

“Tesla isn’t going to get out of its trading range unless Elon succeeds in cracking the code of ramping up production,” said Rob Lutts, chief investment officer of Cabot Wealth Management, a money-management firm that owns about $2 million worth of Tesla shares and has no immediate plans to buy more.

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Rob Lutts quoted in "South China Morning Post" 

See what Rob Lutts, Cabot Wealth Management's President and Chief Investment Officer and others have to say about investing in Chinese equities:

Long-time China investor Rob Lutts, president and chief investment officer of Salem, Massachusetts-based Cabot Wealth Management, said he thought “the general attitudes toward China, among investors, is still in the ‘avoid’ category”, but he saw a lot of value in the nation’s equity markets, with insurance among his favourite sectors.

“When incomes go from US$8,000, US$12,000 towards US$25,000, you go from taking care of basic needs to start thinking about buying cars and homes, and that brings insurance,” he said, adding that he liked insurers Ping An Insurance and AIA Group Ltd.

“Investing in those two companies today,” he said, “is like investing in Prudential in the 1940s in the United States.”

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Rob Lutts on "Money Life with Chuck Jaffee"

Listen to Rob Lutts discuss stock picks and talk about the market on Money Life with host Chuck Jaffee. For more from the Money Life Show, visit

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Parsing China’s economic slowdown from CNBC.

Press Release

August 01, 2017

Cabot Wealth Management, Inc., a private wealth management firm providing fiduciary advice since 1983, today announced president and founder Robert Lutts’ ten-year succession plan. Effective July 01, 2017, thirty percent of Cabot Wealth Management was sold to the three senior principals of the firm: Jim Gasparello, Greg Stevens, and Sonia Ernst. Lutts will continue to be the primary shareholder, owning 70 percent of the shares and actively working as he has done for the past 34 years.

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